The Value of the Invisible

Cloud Computing2 minutes readOct 31st, 2011

On September 16th I arrived at Unisys Corporate Headquarters in Blue Bell, PA to record a podcast on Unisys Secure Private Cloud.  Once I finished the recording I wrote a paper, Secure Private Cloud – The Value of the Invisible, that captured the thoughts that I articulated during the recording.  It directly addresses a key question that we are often asked when we discuss SPC with our customers:

What value does the Unisys Secure Private Cloud (SPC) provide above just using virtualization technology?

To answer this question, you have to come to an understanding that “Cloud Computing” is not the ultimate name for a very long technological arc – automation – in the computer industry.  One could say that automation is THE arc of computing.  Server virtualization, on the other hand, is an enabling technology that allows us to apply automation to resources that previously demanded “hands-on”, manual administration.  The initial public cloud providers seized this enablement and provided infrastructure in a service-oriented manner.  Requesting that service sets off a cascade of automation that provisions the server but also automatically proceeds through a number of IT management processes, such as configuration, change, service level, incident and problem management.

This is what SPC provides over and above virtualization.  It is not sufficient to just provision a server.  The IT processes dictate that you be able to access information about that provisioning event, including the duration of the server lifecycle, the identity of who initiated it, when, why, etc.  In the case of a problem, that information could be vital to quickly resolving the problem and achieving specific service level objectives for your customers.

Virtualization is a technology.  SPC provides a framework that leverages that technology and significantly reduces the operational costs for the enterprise, as shown in a case study of the Unisys Engineering Resource Lab, where the power of automation is being leveraged on a daily basis.

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