The Power of Integration: Google Apps for Government

Cloud Computing2 minutes readNov 26th, 2012

When revamping a legacy email system, government agencies should consider the latest cloud technologies to address improvements in agility, lowered capital and operating costs, and enhanced collaboration and productivity.

Unfortunately, however, off-the-shelf cloud service provider technologies alone don’t often provide the greatest impact. Rather, the power of integration reaps the most benefit. Linking separate cloud applications together yield the highest return on investment with the most flexible environments, along with additional security, authentication, provisioning and management capabilities to leverage the power of multiple best-of-class products.

As a recent speaker at the DevFest D.C. technical conference, I highlighted how systems integrators like Unisys make the most of an agency’s existing investment by developing simple adapters to combine useful user information together on a single screen. For example, we recently demonstrated how Salesforce Chatter feeds and task management activities could be integrated directly into a Google Apps site to provide a full comprehensive view of a project’s operational status.

We have several other examples of the power of integration in the areas of secure cloud authentication; secure mobility of Blackberry, iOS and Android devices; voice and VoIP technologies; and secure data encryption from our successfully completed Google Apps cloud e-mail and collaboration experiences at the General Services Administration (GSA), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and most recently the Department of Energy’s Idaho National Lab.