Innoculate Yourself Against “Cloud in a Corner” Syndrome

Cloud Computing2 minutes readSep 2nd, 2011

Are your IT assets underutilized? IT costs too high? Not getting the bang you wanted from your new private cloud investments? You could be suffering from ”cloud in a corner” syndrome.

Internal vs. outsourced data centers, in-house private cloud vs. hosted private cloud vs. public cloud – the array of delivery models available to IT organizations can be dizzying. This complexity creates one of the biggest challenges facing CIOs today – how do you implement new business-service delivery models while still getting the most from the mission-critical IT infrastructure you’ve invested in for years?

Figuring out which applications to bring into the cloud and which to retain in the traditional data center can be a daunting task for any IT organization. If not done properly, it can bring on “cloud in a corner” syndrome – a condition where new cloud-based solutions are disconnected from existing IT resources. Complications include higher costs due to greater infrastructure complexity, overlapping staff skills and inadequate return on resource investments.

What’s the vaccine against “cloud in a corner” syndrome?  The hybrid enterprise strategy. It differs from a hybrid cloud, which merely focuses on integrating different forms of private and public clouds – and which ultimately can be part of the hybrid enterprise environment.

The hybrid enterprise strategy is a more broad-spectrum kind of medicine. It gives CIOs a framework for analyzing enterprise IT requirements, tightly integrating cloud-based service delivery methods with existing mission-critical IT resources, optimizing efficiency and providing a single way to manage the total IT environment.

A successful preventive-treatment regimen involves addressing, up front, three core areas of an IT environment: applications, data centers and management. In a series of blog posts I will explore how each of these areas relates to implementation of the hybrid enterprise and explain how CIOs and IT organizations can avoid contracting the dread “cloud in a corner” syndrome and instead reap the benefits of powerful new cloud solutions integrated with long-term mission-critical IT resources.

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