We Listen

ClearPath Forward2 minutes readApr 23rd, 2013

A number of companies talk about listening to their customers, but this release proves that we do. ClearPath OS 2200 Release 14.0 release has a significant number of new capabilities and over half of them were suggested by customers. We use our engineering experience to take these ideas and develop them into features that meet our high standards of quality. We incorporate them into our complete software stack and the tight integration of products. The germ of these features definitely starts with the customers.

We get this input in a variety of ways. Customers submit suggestions through the support system, we get input from our Technical Client Forums and other technical conferences, our sales and services team pass on ideas and we follow up with the clients. We listen every chance we talk to our customers and document ideas for consideration.

What kind of suggestions do we get? A customer pointed out that their administrator had to restart the communications software when they wanted to install a new SSL/TLS certificate or private key. This can now be done dynamically. Before this release, customers needed to use a third party PDF writer. They had to invest additional resources and had difficulty in obtaining support for these products. The PDF writer that is integrated in Output Manager eases the process of generating PDFs and allows creation of a PDF file with PDF/A compliance, 128-bit encryption, security options for encrypting PDF files, embedded fonts in a PDF file, configure image compressions, and more. In our integrated recovery product, users and operators were confused on how to answer a query on an unexpected situation. The clients can now program the correct answer eliminating incorrect responses and delays that are waiting for a response.

While no one of these examples is changing the major direction of the products, when we add hundreds of them, we are building a product that is continually more tuned to our clients’ needs. Listening to our clients also helps us to create our own ideas that better address their business.

When you get that new copy of ClearPath OS 2200 Release 14.0, close your eyes and listen. You might hear customers talking. We do.