Up at the North Pole…

ClearPath Forward2 minutes readDec 18th, 2017

Santa scanned his list of present requests.

Suzy wants a pair of skates. OK.

Billy want a sled. Yep.

Sammy wants a new ClearPath Forward™ server. Santa called his head IT elf to find out more about this request.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” He exclaimed after learning about ClearPath Forward servers’ mission critical attributes. “Sammy really wants a system that provides security, scalability, high reliability, high availability, resiliency, data integrity, serviceability, and manageability, so ClearPath Forward is just the right answer.”

Now Santa needed to find out if Sammy had been good, so he called his head CN2A (Certified Naughty-or Nice Assessor) elf, who produced the S.T.I.G. (Santa’s Technical Improvement Gifts) list of CN2A criteria for system upgrades.

  1. Does Sammy have a disaster recovery plan? Yes sir.
  2. Has it been practiced? That, too.
  3. How about communication security? TLS 1.2, sir.

As the elf went through 196 more items in the S.T.I.G., Sammy came through with flying colors. They finally came to the last one:

  1. Always thinking security? You bet!

What’s more, the elf reported, Sammy’s business grew so much while supported by her current ClearPath Forward server that it was time to move to a system with even higher capacity. “Fortunately,” he whispered to Santa, “since it’s a ClearPath Forward system, Sammy won’t have to rewrite any applications when moving to the new server.”

“Then I know just what to bring Sammy,” laughed Santa, as he made room in his gift bag beside the skates and sled.

Have you been a good girl or boy this year? Is it time to upgrade your ClearPath® server?

There’s still time to write to Santa.

Season’s Greetings from Santa, the CN2A elves, and all of us at Unisys!

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