Trust, but Verify

ClearPath Forward2 minutes readJul 16th, 2014

“Trust, but verify.”

Many Americans first heard this old Russian proverb when President Ronald Reagan used it in his description of the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF).  A simple concept, it applies to other situations besides political relationships. It applies, for example, to a relationship between a supplier and a customer, who, having selected the supplier in part because of trust, still runs acceptance tests before putting a new system into production.

Each time you upgrade your ClearPath hardware or software, you demonstrate your trust of Unisys. You trust that we will continue to provide the availability, reliability, scalability, performance, and security that you have come to associate with the Unisys brands. You also trust that the new systems and software will continue to meet your functional requirements and will provide additional benefits beyond the previous systems and software—benefits like new opportunities for simplification, cost control, and innovation.

You also trust the Unisys engineering teams to provide technical solutions, like fabric computing and advanced encryption, which can take you far into the future without disrupting your IT operations or business model.

Our newest ClearPath platforms continue the steady evolution of the Dorado and Libra lines while protecting your investment in applications, IT architectures, business processes, and policies built on their predecessors. We look forward to having you verify that the new systems meet all your expectations. Run acceptance tests and trust Unisys support to help you in every way possible.

From the security standpoint, I can assure you that all of the security features deployed in previous ClearPath releases – and more – apply to the new fabric-based ClearPath platforms.

Trust me.

But verify.

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