Thinking Security: ClearPath MCP Release 18.0

ClearPath Forward4 minutes readJun 5th, 2017

This blog is a series about security and how security is about how you think.

This is a special article (the 26th in the series) about the recently released version of ClearPath® MCP software.

The concept at the heart of this blog is that security and how secure you are really is about how you think. I’ve described this through many different ways, from things that I’ve seen, experiences that I’ve had and people that I’ve described. But all of the “thinking security” (my security mindset) comes from my day to day job – because we think security every day in the Unisys Technology group.

We’ve just released the latest version –Release 18.0 – of our ClearPath MCP software. In this release, we’ve made the best and most secure computer system (along with ClearPath OS 2200) even better and have “raised the bar” when it comes to world-class security.

One of the most important features of MCP Release 18.0 is what we call Field Level Encryption. It allows our clients to encrypt data at rest in their DMSII databases by simply specifying which fields are to be encrypted and then to recompile their database. All of the “hard work” is done by the system and the data is kept secure while at rest and then automatically decrypted when a program asks for the data.

Field Level Encryption allows the client easily comply easily with many regulations if they choose to use encryption of data at rest as one of their security controls. This capability leverages all of the security features of the ClearPath MCP environment to keep our clients’ sensitive data secure. The concepts that the ClearPath MCP environment are based on – the concepts of “default deny”, an object oriented architecture, a strong auditing environment, an integrated software stack, and a strong typed and checked environment – provide a sturdy, secure base for any feature, including this one.

MCP Release 18.0 also features new algorithms (support for AES-CTR in the SSH protocol suite, as well as support for SHA-384 and SHA-512 signed certificates) as well as the deprecation of older algorithms (such as RC4 and SHA-1 certificates). We’ve also added auditing events from several packages, most notably Client Access Services (which provides CIFS services and provides Windows interoperability) and FTPSUPPORT.

MCP Release 18.0 also includes Locum 360, a new package from Locum Software. Locum 360 combines three security auditor tools – SafeSurvey, SecureAudit, and RealTime Monitor along with Locum’s flagship product, Safe&Secure. These security tools will help clients assess, audit, monitor and manage their ClearPath MCP environments. Each of these tools also has several new features – analysis and reporting through SafeSurvey, log analysis reports through SecureAudit, and additional functionality through RealTime Monitor. In addition to that, a basic version of Safe&Secure is now included at no charge so that clients can “test drive” some of this product’s feature content.

But not everything is security. A significant feature of the MCP Release 18.0 is the rearchitected TCP/IP Network Provider, which dramatically increases TCP/IP and BNA performance. Other features include Remote Database Backup (RDB) which can use TCP/IP as an alternative to BNA; as well as EOM 13.0, which now includes Unisys Mobile EOM.

MCP Release 18.0 is the culmination of years of engineering – and it shows. There are some big benefits in using a secure operating system – especially less additional infrastructure (anti-virus, etc.) that has to be “bolted on” to your environment in order to provide a secure datacenter. It also means that you have to think LESS about the security of your environment because it’s been built in from the start.

It all comes back to how you THINK security. The ClearPath MCP operating environment has security built in – does your operating system? If not, contact your local Unisys representative and learn more about this amazing, secure architecture and environment for your business critical and SECURE information. Click here for more information on the ClearPath MCP environment and associated products.

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