The Future Matters

ClearPath Forward4 minutes readSep 27th, 2010

I don’t get out enough.   There always seems to be a reason why I can’t get out of the lab and visit with customers, colleagues or partners.   When I do I always learn something and I always come back recharged and refreshed.

Recently I spent a couple of days in Wellington New Zealand at the Future Matters Conference there.  It was one of those rare opportunities to see old friends and make a few new ones.  One of our financial clients in Wellington has been running a MCP based system for more than 40 years … having selected a Burroughs Mainframe system in 1967 to automate their bank.  We find ourselves 40 some years later continuing to help this customer deliver efficient business solutions internally and externally to their clients as well.   They are the first installation in New Zealand to put our ePortal application modernization solution into production use.  They were happy to share their experiences with us and the other clients at the conference and were pleased and surprised at the ease of which they could deliver modernized user interfaces without the cost, complexity and risk of modifying their core application.  It brings a certain satisfaction to see solutions working as intended in the hands of our customers … new and old.

The conference was set in a Museum that celebrates New Zealand’s culture and history and so it was somehow fitting to speak to the group about the last 50 years of ClearPath deliverables and our plans and commitment to the future as well.  We were able to describe our architectural vision, make concrete commitments and cite examples of our progress.   I described the recent announcement of ClearPath in the cloud and how that deliverable and those planned for the future would allow our clients new levels of flexibility in managing demand for ClearPath system resources in a new and efficient way.

I described the ClearPath NextGen architecture and why it was significant.  I also shared the details of the next ClearPath Libra platform; a system that illustrates our commitment to the future, the first of a new breed of ClearPath …. New in every respect … and at the same time respectful of our past.   This system represents what is arguably the most ambitious and significant architectural advance we’ve ever undertaken.   It incorporates the latest technologies, introduces new processor and IO designs yet delivers the computing experience our ClearPath clients have become accustomed to and demand.  Most importantly it positions ClearPath for the future and demonstrates Unisys’s commitment to the product and our customers..

Another client at the conference, another long time ClearPath customer, was in the middle of upgrading his two systems to Libra 750’s.  He had no issues leaving his office and travelling two hours north to attend and was nonchalant about cutting over production on the evening of the first day of the event.   His position was one of confidence in his team and ours.  “We’ve done this before, it’s no big deal”.   Think about that statement … moving production from one server to another without missing a beat … “not a big deal” … It makes me smile, that’s typical of our ClearPath clients and part of what sets them, and us, apart.  We do things that are simply “Not Done” and we tend to make it look easy..

The conference left me with two lasting impressions:

I have to get out more … and for Unisys and its ClearPath customers – the future matters.

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