Strawberry, Vanilla, or Chocolate?

ClearPath Forward3 minutes readJun 21st, 2019

Growing up, I was not very good at making a decision. When presented with multiple choices, I would overanalyze each one to the point of becoming stressed out – longing for someone else to make the decision for me. Finally, one day, I realized that I was approaching the situation all wrong. Having a choice was not a burden – it was an advantage. There is power in it. When you have options, you are not being pushed down a particular path. Rather, you can choose the best one based on what you value the most. Having choices is just as essential to success in the business world.

ClearPath Forward® has a proven record of innovation and evolution to support your changing business needs. In 2008, we began a transition from proprietary processor technology to Intel processors, allowing our clients to utilize industry-standard hardware. That transition was completed in 2015 – and since then, we have been working on the next stage in the evolution of the ClearPath® OS 2200 platform. Now, we are pleased to announce the availability of ClearPath OS 2200 Gold, ClearPath OS 2200 Platinum, and ClearPath OS 2200 Developer Studio – the latest additions to the ClearPath OS 2200 Software Series family.

More and more, organizations are increasing their investment in cloud infrastructure, but it can be a complex, time-consuming and expensive undertaking for many high tech companies. For Unisys clients enjoying the security ClearPath Forward offers, ClearPath OS 2200 Software Series bridges those once-divergent paths.

The Unisys ClearPath OS 2200 Software Series provides a complete OS 2200 environment and enables you to deploy your OS 2200-based applications into a VMware based, on premise private cloud or on the x86 server hardware of your choice – without changing your applications. It provides the secure, robust, enterprise-class application operating environment that is required in today’s changing data centers. ClearPath OS 2200 Software Series gives you the deployment flexibility you require to satisfy dynamic and evolving business requirements.

The OS 2200 Software operating environment utilized by ClearPath OS 2200 Software Series is the same integrated software stack as that on its ClearPath Forward® Dorado counterpart – offering industry leading, multi-layered security at its core.

You have the power to choose: run either on a traditional ClearPath Forward Dorado system or lift your workload – without modification – and run it on hardware of your choice. ClearPath Forward processing now has the capability to operate within the standard infrastructure of your datacenter if you so choose.

ClearPath OS 2200 Software Series is available to our clients today. We welcome the opportunity to discuss these new choices further with you and drive your business forward together.

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