Milestones … Time to Celebrate

ClearPath Forward3 minutes readOct 10th, 2012

Milestones are the recognition that a significant element of a strategic plan has been achieved. They are cause for celebration and encouragement to take additional steps that will address the next suite of strategic requirements. The ClearPath Next Generation strategy has achieved several milestones, but the October announcement of this technology ranks among the most significant. It introduces the first platform delivering the feature content needed to meet and exceed the functionality of ClearPath systems based on proprietary processor technology. The announcement encompassed highly capable mid-range system families (Dorado 4200 and Libra 4200) that meet the requirements of the majority of ClearPath customers. It also introduced the Libra 6200, which was designed to take on the challenges of the largest MCP customers. This is a true milestone. Reflecting on a tagline used a number of years ago, it is a rEvolution.

There are three key dimensions associated with the ability to meet the capabilities delivered by ClearPath proprietary-based platforms – security, reliability and performance. All three are needed to establish a platform capable of supporting large-scale mission-critical applications. All three are addressed with the most recent high-end MCP platform, the Libra 6200.

ClearPath Next Generation platforms provide mission-critical class security, across all system categories. This is a hallmark of ClearPath systems which is based on the native system architecture and the supporting system software technology. Mission-critical system environments require exceptional levels of system reliability and resiliency. Any failure can be costly and very disruptive. The ClearPath Libra 6200 leverages the internal component replication, but additionally replicates all functional units to provide exceptional levels of system availability. The system replicates the I/O subsystem modules, the Processor/Memory modules and the Operations Server modules to avoid issues even if there was a catastrophic failure in a major subsystem.

Performance is the most important advance with the Libra 6200. It delivers single-thread processor performance and single image performance comparable to large-scale ClearPath systems based on proprietary processor technology. In addition, it has established new levels of I/O performance exceeding any system delivered historically – 180% greater I/O’s per second than the Libra 800 series, which had been the largest MCP system offered. These performance achievements are the foundation for this milestone.

So, the Next Generation strategy has essentially been achieved, but it is far from done. Ongoing investment assures that the future holds even more capabilities for this technology. And all of them come with the traditional transparent migration and operational consistency ClearPath customers expect. Since it is based on high-end Intel processor technology, new ClearPath platforms can be expected for as long as Intel produces processors. And they will all be designed to meet the needs of mission-critical environments.

For more information see the October ClearPath Connection newsletter which details all newly launched systems.