Mainframes Evolve with the Times – and Shape Them, Too

ClearPath Forward2 minutes readOct 18th, 2012

Several years ago IT pundits were predicting that mainframes would by now be as dead as the moa – the giant flightless bird that became extinct in New Zealand more than 500 years ago because of an inability to adapt to environmental change.

In this recent article from New Zealand’s ITBrief/TechDay (best viewed with Firefox, Chrome or Safari), Cloud computing revives struggling mainframe, Unisys’ David Ireland makes a strong case that mobility and cloud computing – two factors that would supposedly contribute to the demise of the mainframe – have actually helped give it new life. Both trends benefit from reliable systems supporting high-transaction environments.

Unisys believes that disruptive IT trends such as cloud computing and mobility will continue to drive innovation in mainframes, as this recent blog post, Is Mobility the End of the Mainframe?, attests. At the same time, mainframe evolution will lead to breakthroughs that affect the direction of those trends – such as Unisys ClearPath ePortal specialty engine to modernize apps for mobility. ClearPath ePortal enables smart mobile devices to be easily integrated into the ClearPath environment without requiring changes to the core applications they’re accessing.

Unisys remains committed to evolving the key attributes of our ClearPath systems – power, openness, security, reliability and availability – so clients can capitalize on those disruptive trends and make them productive for their business.