Keeping Pace With Requirements to Deliver Contemporary Solutions

ClearPath Forward4 minutes readDec 10th, 2012

ClearPath keeps pace with mission-critical requirements and every new generation of technology enriches support of this environment. These investments in ClearPath technology are expected – they are just part of the program. But ClearPath has also delivered the unexpected to enable ClearPath solutions to be modernized, assuring they are very competitive in the industry. This is a critical element of the ClearPath program and it continues to expand over time.

Consider the evolution to web services and the integration of mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. This is viewed as an important extension to many applications in an effort to improve customer satisfaction, enhance employee productivity, and reduce costs. This capability is delivered through ClearPath ePortal and has already provided modernization to a variety of ClearPath customers. CEDAE, the water authority of Rio de Janerio, reduced the personnel required to manage their web services environment by 70%. VF Grace, a wholesaler in Alaska, improved customer satisfaction by taking the average customer response time from 15 minutes to nearly instantaneous. In both cases, these modernization efforts were achieved without altering the ClearPath application – existing transaction structures were transformed by ClearPath ePortal to support smart phones and take advantage of their unique graphical formatting. This even applies to the newly released iPhone 5, so keeping pace with the market is very evident.

Deployment of web services of integration of smart devices may be cause for concern relative to security. The ClearPath environment handles security for these new environments at the same level as the standard transaction processing environment. In fact, it adds some dimensions to assure higher levels of protection. As an example, the information sent to a smart device from a standard ClearPath transaction can be limited, at the field level. So, only the data relevant to the target end user is delivered. Information can also be added to the transaction, such as graphical maps from sources like Google or pictures of products, enhancing the value of the transaction to the end user. An additional security element is available through Locum Real Time Audit, for MCP-based systems. Since the transaction profile is different in a mobile environment (end users sign on and off frequently in a mobile environment, but may only sign on and off once per day in a conventional transaction processing environment), the Locum technology tracks every sign on/off activity and provides reporting when unusual patterns are discovered, allowing isolation of a device that may be trying to penetrate the system. The reports are directed to the security administrator on a real time basis. There are many other system features that have been updated to accommodate the dynamics of a mobile device environment.

Modernization of ClearPath applications for web services and mobile devices is not limited to conventional programming environments. It is supported by advanced development technologies including Business Information Server, Enterprise Application Environment and Agile Business Suite, so the entire ClearPath environment can leverage this modernization technology.

Transformation of applications to support web services and mobile devices is pervasive across all operating environments and applications. ClearPath simply has a unique method of enabling this transition. It is cost-effective, fast and automatically keeps pace with the evolution of smart device operating environments. This offers agility with positive economics. It preserves the investment in a mission-critical solution, while exploiting an entirely new method of supporting employees and customers. These are modernization attributes that can make a real difference in keeping pace with the competition and ensuring that employees are functioning at peak productivity. And, it puts a bit of fun back in the development of advanced applications – fun can make a lot of difference in how everyone views the solution environment.