It’s All About Integration

ClearPath Forward3 minutes readMar 27th, 2012

We just released our latest ClearPath OS 2200 software release – ClearPath Release 13.1.  The CP13.1 release is the culmination of years of design, implementation, and validation by our engineering staff.  It’s based on our clients’ needs and advances in the world of computing.  This is a fully integrated stack of software that is tuned for high-volume, mission critical transaction processing with fully integrated and concurrent batch processing.   Many of our competitors are now talking about integrated stacks.   This is a way of life for us.   It’s key to delivering the kind of reliability and compatibility that are the hallmarks of our ClearPath products.    We are talking about hundreds of products that all work together across different system types and environments.   From the kernel operating system to the OS services, database, transaction processing, middleware, and development tools – you can count on the fact that they will all work seamlessly.   Sure, you could do this yourself, but why would you?  We bring the depth and breadth of experience to this integration that’s hard to replicate and you don’t have to spend your time and money doing it.

With ClearPath OS 2200 13.1, you have compatibility.  Our clients take this for granted because we’ve delivered it release after release.   This means that the investment you have made in your applications that run on ClearPath is safe.  You don’t have to spend months and months making certain that your applications will still work – they will.  That’s a real cost savings for our clients.    Of course there are new capabilities that you may want to take advantage of.   For example, we’ve added enhanced security offerings, better database optimization, and high availability of our specialty engines.

This compatibility and reliability doesn’t happen magically.  It comes from clear design principles that we use in creating the products and from a highly skilled work force that diligently applies those principles while creating new and innovative features and functionality.  We won’t give away all of our secrets here, but let’s say we make certain that it works before we ship it.   While you can’t test quality in, we believe in validation.  We spend thousands of hours over all kinds of configurations to make certain that it not only works correctly but it also recovers flawlessly if there is a problem.   Until we can measure mean time between failures in years, we don’t ship.   Years!

We take a lot of pride in the integration of the software we release and we think it shows.

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