It isn’t your Mother’s Mainframe either …

ClearPath Forward3 minutes readMar 8th, 2012

Some time ago I penned a blog entitled “It isn’t your Father’s Mainframe.”  It chronicled my view of ClearPath systems as “Time Machines” that kept pace with current technology while continuing to support the historic applications libraries our customers rely on.  It was very much a reflective piece detailing, with some pride, how we have continued to deliver solid, contemporary, technology to our ClearPath clients.  It ended with a question regarding where we should go with ClearPath going forward.

While I couldn’t say it at the time, we were busy planning the future of ClearPath.  Our best and brightest were trying to answer that very question.  Well, we have the answer and have begun the journey with a program called ClearPath Forward!   With ClearPath Forward! we are no longer content to reflect on the past, or even keep pace.  No, we have chosen to lead and in the process create the Mother of all Mainframes.

ClearPath Forward! is about embracing the best of what ClearPath is and combining it with the best of what the industry has to offer both in terms of raw technology and operating environments and creating a platform the delivers what we are known for … security, reliability, ease of use, efficient resource utilization and expands that to include workloads designed for Windows & Linux.  So ClearPath with run Windows & Linux applications alongside traditional MCP and OS 2200 applications and will allow seamless integration of these environments for our clients.  Even better, those environments will enjoy the ClearPath computing experience with levels of security, reliability and scalability not previously available to them.

In the coming months, subject matter experts in all our geographies will be sharing detailed information about the ClearPath Forward! strategy and our associated product plans, not in an attempt to sell anything, but instead to help our clients understand where we are going and to help us understand where they would like to be.  It is our firm belief that ClearPath processing environments are the most secure and most efficient available today and that we can bring much of that to other processing environments.

Some say necessity is the mother of invention.  In this case, with ClearPath leaning forward and going places no other “mainframe vendor” has ever gone before we need to invent the future of mainframe computing.  Changing out the underlying processor architecture from proprietary hardware designs to industry standard designs based on Intel’s 64bit  x86 Xeon was just the beginning.  ClearPath Forward redefines what a mainframe is and should be.  It is the future of mission critical information processing and as such is the Mother of all future Mainframes.

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