Introducing the new ClearPath Forward® Libra 8500 systems

ClearPath Forward3 minutes readFeb 1st, 2019

Today, we are introducing our latest series of powerful ClearPath Forward® systems, the Libra 8500. Based on Intel x86 processor technology, the Libra 8500 delivers capacity more than doubling that of its last CMOS predecessor and 27 percent greater than what we delivered in the predecessor Libra 8400 just two years ago.

Of course, the special ingredient in ClearPath® is software, and I’d like to take the opportunity to position this launch in the context of the product family’s evolution. Our strategy for ClearPath Forward® products is evolving the architecture to enable the ClearPath MCP and OS 2200 software stacks to execute on a range of contemporary, common server platforms and select virtualization environments in addition to pre-integrated ClearPath Forward Libra and Dorado systems.

In 2017 and 2018 we brought to market ClearPath MCP software that executes on Intel x86 reference architectures, as well as on VMware and Hyper-V virtualization platforms. Clients are deploying those with great success. In 2019 you can expect to see continued product deliveries, offering increasingly high levels of availability and performance, for both OS 2200 and MCP. These will enable our clients to leverage the economies that both industry-standard and virtualized infrastructure affords.

Longer-term, we intend to provide the capability to deploy our ClearPath Forward software stacks in public cloud platforms. To achieve that goal, we are leveraging the incredible engineering work that repositioned our premium ClearPath operating systems, which we designed to run on custom-built ASICs, then on CMOS processors and, most recently, on standard Intel processors. Because these software stacks are hosted on embedded kernels that run on standard x86 hardware, they are now able to execute on other virtualization and standard infrastructure running on x86. We accomplish this without requiring any change to application programs or data – no recompilation, no relinking, no data conversion. Simply incredible.

While offering the flexibility to deploy where you want, our strategy is to also continue offering pre-integrated ClearPath Forward Libra and Dorado systems providing performance and capacity increases while maintaining our tradition of highest security and availability for the most demanding workloads.

In mid-2015 we reached the cross over point where our Intel based ClearPath systems exceeded the performance and capacity of the latest CMOS based systems. The combination of clever engineering talent and the Intel product evolution allows us to deliver these significant performance and capacity increases while enabling our clients to protect and build on their strategic investments in ClearPath software.

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