Do You Have ESP?

ClearPath Forward2 minutes readFeb 16th, 2012

If you have extra-sensory perception, you’ll know that the ESP I’m talking about here is Enhanced Security Profiles. More specifically, it’s Enhanced Security Profiles for OS 2200. This customized software from Unisys gives you the ability to enforce virtually any password rules you want. We know that corporate and regulatory requirements evolve over time, and when the evolution involves passwords, ESP can keep you in compliance and keep your auditors happy.

Furthermore, you don’t have to write any code. Just give us your requirements and we’ll totally customize ESP for you.

I’ll give you a few examples, already in use by some customers, to highlight what can be done, but these are just a subset of the many options you have with ESP.

For example, with ESP, you can choose any of these password requirement options:

• Minimum and maximum password length (up to 32)
• Minimum number of characters – alpha, upper-case, lower-case, special and control – as well as of character groups.
• Controls on the use of repeated characters, sequential characters (e.g., 34567, cdefg) and keyboard sequences (e.g., qwerty, zxcv)
• Password reuse control: the number of previous passwords that cannot be reused, with previous passwords saved based on number or age
• Variance controls: how different a password must be from the user-id, how different a new password must be from the current password, and how different a password must be from personal information
• String controls: the dictionary of words that may not be in the password (forward or reverse) and site-specific strings that may not be contained within a password.

You can also display the password strength when a user enters a password and give the user the option to use that one or try again.

Here’s a fun fact to know-and-tell (no bubble gum purchase required): You can contact the Unisys USA Client Support Center (CSC) to provide the Enhanced Security Profile service (ESP) that can enforce your site standards for password security. Simply open a contact against the FLEX product and note ESP in the headline.

The CSC will get right back to you, determine your requirements, customize the software for you, and in a short time for a very reasonable cost you, too, can have ESP – even if you don’t have extra-sensory perception.

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