ClearPath Systems in the Connected World

ClearPath Forward2 minutes readJul 10th, 2012

The connected world is of importance to virtually all of us. Smart devices are transitioning from the hands of our children to those of our employees and customers. The speed of this transition is accelerating, so positioning current solutions to leverage smart phones and tablets is becoming more critical to our competitive positioning. As an example, Unisys now provides our sales force with iPad tablets and we are reformatting many of the materials they use to be aligned with an iPad profile. This will make them more productive over time, improving their ability to share information with current and new Unisys customers.

The tools described in the most recent ClearPath Connection Newsletter offer an opportunity to extend many of your current applications to new mobile devices quickly. Importantly, the newest ClearPath ePortal release (5.0) expands functionality to an even broader range of applications. As an example, this new release integrates the EAE and AB Suite advanced development technologies with ClearPath ePortal, establishing a consistent method of mobile device integration across most of your application environments.

Of equal importance is the ability to keep pace with new mobile device operating environment releases, which are introduced on a regular basis. Keeping pace with these new releases becomes a ClearPath ePortal responsibility, freeing the development team to focus on other activities.

There are many other features outlined in the newsletter and in documentation available via But, the real question focuses on what element of your environment should be supported in a mobile environment first. There are many different options spanning support for executive access to enabling your customers to achieve a new level of self-service. The tools available today allow you to pursue your initial target quickly. The biggest challenge is identifying the correct target for your initial development activity. Stretch your thinking and establish a creative new use for your applications. The end result will be a solution that addresses a wider audience with more capabilities.

Looking for a confirmation of implementation speed and efficiency – click on this web site and see what a team of college students did for their senior project… Project Dragon: Unisys ClearPath ePortal.