ClearPath Release 15.0: There is No Time Like the Present to Start Saving Time

ClearPath Forward4 minutes readMay 21st, 2014

With over 136 enhancements to 41 products related to application modernization, data center transformation, security, and performance there is no time like the present to look at ClearPath OS 2200 release 15.0.   We have designed, developed, tested, and qualified together the 111 software products that make up the integrated package that is the ClearPath OS 2200 15.0 release. Let’s take a look at some of the features in this release that can help you save time.

Maximize Your Uptime  

One of the key features in release 15.0 is the Daylight Saving time adapt (DSTA).  The DSTA feature gives you the option of enabling dynamic seasonal time shifts without application interruption, reducing your planned downtime.   Several other system enhancements related to DSTA and time are available as well, making it easier for you to analyze your programs and transactions and in some cases improve your recovery time.

Now is the Time to be Mobile

Adding mobile access to your OS 2200 based assets shouldn’t be daunting or time consuming.  With ClearPath ePortal, you can access your OS 2200 data from the latest mobile devices with enhanced UTS Data Source support as well as OS 2200 DPS support. In addition to iPhone, ePortal supports Blackberry’s and Android Smartphones.  One ePortal presentation application can be used to target all three types of Smartphones, saving you time in development and testing, and the application will have the customized look and feel of a native app on each platform.  You can also include a variety of tablets, including the iPad and Android tablets such as the Galaxy Tablet, Blackberry tablets like the Playbook, and even Microsoft’s Windows Surface.  As with the smartphones, one ePortal presentation application can be used to target all these types of tablets, each with its own unique look and feel.

Time is of the Essence

We understand how critical developing and supporting ClearPath based applications and supporting the ClearPath environment is to you.  The nature of today’s workforce demographics and the relentless pressure to deliver core value in shorter cycles is challenging.

With release 15.0, application development and modernization just bridged the span between your valued seasoned developer and the next generation of developer.   OS 2200 IDE for Eclipse accelerates software development with enhancements that improve the integration of and support for OS 2200 software in the Eclipse environment.  Experienced 2200 developers will appreciate the OS 2200 look and feel while still developing within a modern environment.  Newer developers will recognize a familiar industry standard development environment and interface.  Eclipse in release 15.0 allows the seasoned programmer and the newly hired programmer to work and collaborate side by side using common tooling.  We’ve also updated Eclipse 2200 to enable developers to develop faster and in a more stable environment, especially when it comes to large projects with many files and folders.  We’ve improved how Eclipse connects and interacts with large data transfers over telnet and we’ve updated and improved the memory management capabilities to support a more stable and reliable development environment.

Supporting your OS 2200 system more quickly and easily is one of the goals of Apex, a new product that is introduced in release 15.0.  Apex provides an easy-to-use, intuitive, Web application for managing the OS 2200 operating system, consolidating the administrative tasks that have traditionally been performed using various Unisys-provided and user-developed utilities and processes.  The initial release of Apex focuses on simplifying OS 2200 security administration.  Experienced and newer administrators alike can effectively perform security related management tasks similar to open systems and Windows based systems.  In addition, the new “Secure by Default” feature enhances the system configuration defaults to align with the latest industry-standard security best practices, so less time is needed to make the system more secure. Related enhancements allow administrators to prohibit unsecure connections in favor of ones secured by SSL /TLS.

RDMS and RDMS JDBC performance improvements including support for an additional SQL command helps you retrieve data faster and improves interoperability, letting you perform similar SQL queries across different databases.

With Enterprise Output Manager’s new XML Template Utility, you can quickly generate XML templates that define the rules for converting a text file into XML, without a lot of expertise needed to code XML transform jobs.

You can see details about all the new features and their products in the Software Release Announcement for OS 2200 Release 15.0, 7848 4565–031. You can read about all the products in the OS 2200 Software Product Catalog, 78505252-018. Or simply search for “OS 2200 Release 15.0″ on

With ClearPath OS 2200 release 15.0 time saving features, what you will do with the time you save?

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