ClearPath MCP Release 14.0 Delivers Rich New Features

ClearPath Forward2 minutes readJul 19th, 2012

I’m always excited when a new ClearPath software release is announced. Every release includes advances that our customers can leverage to increase the value they receive from their ClearPath environments – and the value they deliver to their organizations.

ClearPath MCP Release 14.0 is no exception. As with previous MCP releases, we’re delivering a brand-new, integrated software stack for ClearPath Libra mainframes. And, it includes over 50 new features based on customer requests. The specifics of the release can be categorized into three unique areas, each with its own set of features and benefits:

  • Security – With features like Secure Shell for ClearPath MCP and role-based access control, you’ll be able to reduce legal, regulatory, and brand risks, protect sensitive data, and more effectively monitor and control access to critical system resources.
  • Data Center Transformation – A range of enhancements to Business Continuity Accelerator, Workload Management for ClearPath MCP, and other system-management features mean you’ll be able to increase automation, reduce operating expenses, and mitigate the effects of planned and unplanned downtime.
  • Application Modernization – New ClearPath development tools will help you extend your ClearPath apps to mobile devices, drive business growth through increased scalability, and shorten developer training times.

Why is this important to you? Most ClearPath organizations are seeking ways to enhance their current solutions quickly and economically. Our investments in ClearPath software focus on agility, open technology and economical methods of enriching solutions. MCP Release 14.0 is the result of this investment strategy – it offers a wide range of new features and technologies, without compromising the mission-critical foundation you count on. So, it is well worth your time to review the content of MCP 14.0 and consider moving to the new release. The payback can be significant.

Check out the June issue of ClearPath Connection for additional information about everything we’ve packed into MCP 14.0.