ClearPath Advisory Services Are Like a GPS for IT

ClearPath Forward3 minutes readSep 26th, 2012

What’s the best way to prioritize your ClearPath-based IT initiatives to ensure they deliver the greatest business benefit? What you need is a way to understand where you are today, set targets for improvement, and then understand the financial implications and opportunities for IT initiatives, so you can select the best projects on the right timeline to improve business agility and balance IT costs.

On September 27th, we launched ClearPath Advisory Services, which are like a GPS for IT, providing a Roadmap that balances IT initiatives and their benefits against IT costs to make best use of IT budgets.

We also announced new TCO Assessment Services as part of the Advisory Services portfolio. These services help you understand the Total Cost of Ownership for your IT environments – either ClearPath-only, or in the broader data center across complex workloads and composite applications. We can include applications development, maintenance and management costs in these calculations, allowing us to provide details on cost per business item processed, in addition to infrastructure, staffing and facilities cost breakdowns. We compare these cost breakdowns against industry averages provided by a trusted analyst organization to help you understand how your IT costs measure up to to those of other IT organizations.

The TCO Assessment Services work hand in hand with the ClearPath Appraisal Service, which measures your IT Integration and Automation maturity. Using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as a yardstick, we measure how far you have progressed with repeatable integration practices and technologies, identifying areas where you can improve you integration capabilities – from both an architecture and best practices perspective. We measure how effectively you use Automation tools and techniques in your ClearPath environments, to determine how to move you from your current state to the nirvana of a “lights-out” data center.

Please read a white paper on our experiences with the ClearPath Appraisal Service, Understanding IT System State – Experiences from the ClearPath Appraisal Process.

One way to improve the effectiveness of your ClearPath platforms is to understand the tools you’ve already licensed that are included with your ClearPath operating system (MCP or OS2200). You may find that you already have many of the tools you need to support your IT initiatives, rather than requiring additional 3rd party tools licensing – another way to save on IT costs. During the ClearPath Appraisal, we also find out where you can optimize using existing ClearPath technologies you’ve already licensed.

ClearPath provides superior TCO, as well as bullet-proof security, enormous scalability and capacity, and strong, modern integration and automation characteristics. Our white paper, Delivering Value: The Economics of ClearPath Systems, discusses the economics of ClearPath systems.

Together the ClearPath Appraisal and TCO Assessment provide an actionable roadmap with prioritized recommendations on how you can reduce costs and improve IT position through Automation and Integration projects. To more effectively get from point A to point B without getting lost along the way.

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