Around the World in 26 Days – Part 2 – Radison Blu Astrid Hotel, Antwerp

ClearPath Forward3 minutes readJun 10th, 2011

After the Silverstone event, Antwerp had a hard act to follow.   All I can say is Wow!

The second of the Future Matters 2011 series was set in an ultra modern hotel set on a classic European square, Astrid Square, in the heart of Antwerp’s fashion district … close to sparkling Diamond District and directly across from beautiful central rail station.  A truly elegant location blending the best of the old and the new.

Bill MacLean, Kelsey Bruso and I continued to share the message about ClearPath, NextGen and our latest platform and software releases along with a peek at where we are going.   We also had the opportunity to visit with a number of clients, old and new, to discuss their needs and desires.

Martin Hinson from Pershing Limited made a presentation describing their adoption of Business Continuation Accelerator, or BCA as we call it, to enhance Pershing’s Business Continuity capability.  What’s truly remarkable is that two years ago Pershing attended a ClearPath Technical Workshop where they were invited to “take a peek” and see if there was anything interesting … what they saw was a cornucopia of offering and capabilities, BCA among them.   Inspired and impressed, Pershing went to work vetting the product and determining if it was right for Pershing.   In the end it allowed Pershing to deploy an “active-active” DR environment which significantly reduced the time required to failover their production systems and re-establish service in the event of a disaster.

What impressed me most was the speed at which Pershing was able to adopt the solution … less than 12 months from discovery to production deployment.  Truth is told BCA isn’t entirely new.  BCA, like the systems it is designed for, is a blend of technologies representing the best of the old and the new configured to deliver first rate, automated business continuation services to our ClearPath customers.  BCA has its roots in a series of initiatives each designed to deliver continuous service.  It’s the outcome of years of enhancement and refinement that has resulted in an easy to use, tightly integrated solution for business continuance.  How fitting to see this blend of classic and modern while sitting in the midst of a classic and modern city.  The fact that I actually wrote some of the code that is today called BCA gives me a little smile as well.

Imagine what you might discover at a Future Matters, Unite or one of our regional events.  ClearPath is constantly changing; evolving and transforming itself … it is truly an agile system design.   One thing I discover on my travels is what our clients don’t know.  It’s a paradox in that you never know what you don’t know.  Besides these client events and our road shows, how do you think we can get you the information you need about our product’s capabilities?

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