Achieving the Impossible

ClearPath Forward3 minutes readMay 20th, 2015

It’s hard, even for a Midwesterner like me, not to gloat about this achievement. We decided years ago to seamlessly migrate our Dorado clients from proprietary CMOS platforms to Intel based platforms with full architecture compatibility. Our plan was to first ship smaller, lower performance systems and then deliver increasingly higher performing products until we met and surpassed the CMOS based platforms. We predicted five years ago that we would be delivering the high end system in this family in Jan. of 2015 and we are delivering in May of 2015. Not too bad for a five year estimate. What is really amazing is that we had ideas of how to achieve this over five years ago and we were able to execute those ideas with full binary compatibility.

OK, there were non-believers. In fact, one of our competitors’ chief architects recently said that it was impossible to translate a full mainframe environment. I guess they were wrong! Yes, we had some of our own engineers who thought we could get part way there, but never surpass our high-end performance. But there were great engineers who had ideas and more ideas and just kept believing. It was fun to watch them prove the naysayers wrong. There was a combination of very experienced and very new people making up these teams. In many ways, the new people didn’t know what wasn’t possible and never saw the barriers. The senior people just kept solving problems. The teams created new IP (intellectual property) and a significant number of patents along the way. And they just kept making the system better and better. The end result is the Dorado 8300.

When we talk compatibility, we mean compatibility. We’ve had customers who are running programs that are over 20 years old that they didn’t even have to recompile. Yes, there are advantages of recompiling and taking advantage of our newer environments, but it’s not required. We had the advantage of a team that understood our architecture to the finest level of detail and were able to work with great partners like Intel to take advantage of their architecture. And of course we couldn’t compromise what makes a Dorado great – a system that has never been hacked, where we measure stability in years, and that provides application compatibility. This comes from an integrated software layer that runs as well as – and actually even better – on this environment as it did on CMOS.

Yes, I’ll gloat. I’ll gloat because of a great engineering team. I can’t wait to see what “impossible” problems they solve next.

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