Bryan Allison

Bryan AllisonBryan Allison – Enabling Business by Delivering Technical and Business Value to Clients

Bryan Allison, Chief Architect and Senior Managing Consultant, applies his 20+ years of infrastructure and cloud experience, team leadership, business acumen, and communications skills to deliver technical solutions and meet business needs.

His specializes in relationship management, solution architecture, cloud architecture, and infrastructure architecture. He co-led consulting projects focusing on delivering specific business and technical value to clients based on repeatable processes, broadly skilled personnel, and technology selection.

As the Chief Architect for a large eastern state government IT services program, he led the enterprise IT architecture teams and the service design process to develop technical services and offerings that support the changing business needs. He also developed the strategic direction for the offerings, services, and underlying functional capabilities to create the consumption-based service catalog.

He has a Bachelor degree in Business Management from Rochester Institute of Technology.

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