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Jim Thompson is the chief engineer and vice president of Engineering and Supply Chain at Unisys. In this role, Jim is responsible for the design, development and manufacture of technology products that align with the Unisys’ strategy and marketplace needs.


Lightning Does Strike Twice

July 21st, 2020

Three recent ClearPath Forward® migrations for financial services clients has us harkening back to a similar event seven years ago. And the story is always the same -- a seamless transition with uninterrupted service for our clients.

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Disruptive IT Trends


March 20th, 2014

Jim Thompson discusses about how the changing regulatory requirements and challenges that the IT infrastructures need to address.

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Disruptive IT Trends

Virtualization of Mission-Critical Environments

October 2nd, 2013

Organizations with mission-critical solutions are concerned about the stability and the predictability of virtualized environments, and so they tend to be the last to be virtualized if virtualized at all. In this video, Jim Thompson talks about the challenges of virtualization.

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