Anil Kumar Veeramalli

Anil Kumar VeeramalliAnil Kumar Veeramalli – Delivery Architect in Cloud Adoption and Digital Transformation for Clients

Anil Kumar Veeramalli, Senior Architect, has over 15 years of Technical leadership experience in architecting cloud management platform, middleware platform, software engineering, and product development.

He is one of the founding member of Unisys Cloud Management Platform and part of various successful client deployments. He has solid hands-on experience on Azure, AWS, and VMware cloud Architecture and implementations. He joined Unisys as an Integration Architect, one of the core Architect for Unisys Message Bus integration solution and instrumental in leveraging the solution with Adapter framework. He is responsible for successful CloudForte development and deployments. He started his career as Java Developer, played multiple roles – Cloud Architect, Portfolio Architect, Automaton Architect, Middleware Architect and Application Architect.

He is passionate about software architecture and modernizing the applications with latest and greatest technologies. He loves the coding, has hands-on experience on close to 13 programming and scripting languages. In his previous roles, he worked with HP, Sun Microsystems, and CGI companies.

He has Masters in Information Systems from Osmania University, India.

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