Andrew Gordon

I am Andrew Gordon the Global Solution Lead and Chief Architect for Application Modernization Platform as a Service (AMPSSM).  AMPS is a modernization solution that helps organizations transform from an operation and maintenance focus to operations and innovation focus using a service oriented approach.  I work with public and private sector organizations worldwide to help them improve Business-IT agility, reduce costs, increase quality, and share information across the enterprise.  I am one of the principle authors of Unisys’ patent-pending SOA Framework for Application Modernization which is the foundation for AMPSSM.

Over the last twenty years I have been instrumental in launching and leading several large scale SOA, Shared Services and modernization initiatives for multi-national entities.  During that time I architected a massively multiplayer gaming platform using a service oriented architecture; commercialized Mercator’s J2EE Business Process Management (BPM, BPEL), Web Services, and Business Activity Monitoring offerings; and, built and led Compuware’s enterprise wide Shared Services organization.  I joined Unisys in 2006.

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