Xin Xu

Xin XuDr. Xin Xu – Award-winning Expert and Leader in AI, ML, Data-driven Decisioning

APAC Practice Lead for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Data Science, responsible for establishing and developing AI/ML.

Dr. Xin Xu joined Unisys in 2017 to establish and expand the practice and capability of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Data Science in the APAC region. With over 20 years’ experience in AI/ML, data-driven decisioning and automation, particularly for Financial Services (FS) industry, Xin is tasked with leading the roadmapping, design and development of cutting-edge ML solutions for Unisys Elevate™ and Unisys InteliServe™, including intelligent Collections, Triage Decisioning Engines, and other innovative FinTech/RegTech products driven by ML, Deep Learning, NLP.

Xin started his ML career as a key founding member of WEKA, one of most well-known open-source ML platform in the world. As part of WEKA group, he was awarded a global ACM Data Mining Award in 2005. Since then, he headed up several Consulting and Professional Services teams in top Analytics vendors to build and deliver end-to-end data analytics and ML projects in China, Australia, NZ, ASEAN countries, for FS and Telecom clients. Xin also managed quantitative teams in leading international and Australian banks to develop and operationalize data analytics solutions of risk, capital, impairment, pricing, stress testing and portfolio profitability optimization.

Over the years, Xin developed deep expertise of practical AI/ML applied to numerous financial domains, including IFRS-9 Loss Provisioning, Basel AIRB, credit scoring/decisioning engines, fraud detection, customer profiling and propensity predictions, to name a few. Working with diverse leaders, teams and clients in the industry, he has also gained a broad vision and in-depth experience on various aspects of AI/ML, including compliance, governance, culture, human-machine interactions, knowledge management, team building/coaching, public education.

Xin has a PhD degree from UNSW (Australia), MSc from WEKA (NZ), BEcon from Fudan University (China). He is a GARP-FRM [Financial Risk Manager] and was a CFA [Chartered Financial Analyst] Charterholder 2010-2017. He has been an adjunct researcher, published scholar papers, and actively speak at conferences.

Point of View Paper : AI-Led Intelligent Collections in the Post-Pandemic Era

Peer-reviewed publications of scholar paper:

Equilibrium-Based Volatility Models of the Market Portfolio Rate of Return, Annals of Operations Research 262, pp493–518 (2018)

Logistic Regression and Boosting for Labeled Bags of Instances, Proceedings of the 8th Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Springer, pp272–281 (2004)

Conference presentations:

Information noise and credit risk; evidence from corporate bankruptcy, Credit Scoring and Credit Control Conference XV, University of Edinburgh (2017)

Risk-based pricing or price-based risk? Credit Scoring and Credit Control Conference XV, University of Edinburgh (2017)

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