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The Future of Rehabilitation Technology and Processes to Combat Recidivism
European Voices

How Unisys’ Inmate Self-Service platform is using tech to combat recidivism whilst preparing inmates for a better return into society

Posted by: on October 27th, 2017

Monster Halloween Gala

You’ve been invited to a Halloween gala featuring one of your favorite local bands. You’re thrilled at the invitation and decide to see what the band has been up to lately.

Posted by: on October 23rd, 2017

The Impact of Brexit on Border Control
European Voices

Leaving the European Union, so the campaign slogans promised, would hand the United Kingdom control of her borders again

Posted by: on October 17th, 2017

Time for Multi-Modal Biometrics at Border Security Checkpoints
On Point

Border security today is facing a perfect storm of challenges that requires every tool available. But when it comes to leveraging biometrics, border security agencies often cling to outdated technologies and inaccurate assumptions.

Posted by: on April 15th, 2016

The European Refugee Crisis: A Way Forward
On Point

Governments, are now confronted with thousands of refugees crossing borders looking for safety and asylum. Learn how technology and biometrics solutions can be strategically used to help address this growing issue.

Posted by: on February 29th, 2016

Part 1: Improved Border Security, Faster Border Clearance and Reduced Cost – “Choose Any Two”?
On Point

How enabling technologies can help Australia meet enhanced security, faster border clearance and reduced cost.

Posted by: on July 14th, 2015

Border Security for the Olympics
Disruptive IT Trends

A look at the approach to border controls, security, and systems in the UK ahead of the Olympics in London.

Posted by: on May 3rd, 2012

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