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On Point

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Reliable Interdiction

October 9th, 2018

Of the millions of people, organizations and activities comprising our world today, which ones represent potential threats that merit interdiction? Selecting the wrong ones wastes precious resources and impedes lawful activities. But the consequences of overlooking real threats is even worse. The public expects to be kept 100% safe against such threats, but has little tolerance for intrusive intervention into their own lawful activities. Dealing with this “Catch 22” is a key challenge for all enforcement agencies – whether law enforcement, border enforcement, child protection, taxation, or others charged with protecting the public.

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APAC Voices

Why Do Some Travellers Resist the Use of Biometrics?

June 27th, 2018

The Unisys Security Index revealed that 75% were willing to use a biometric to confirm their identity at an automated boarding gate when boarding a flight and 71% were willing to use a biometric to identify themselves as a frequent traveller of low security risk. This is good news for government agencies, airports and airlines that are expanding the use of biometrics as part of a seamless and secure travel experience. But it begs a question. Why are over 20% of travellers UNWILLING to use a biometric to identify themselves when travelling?

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