Exploiting Social Computing is Integral to Enterprise Modernization

February 28th, 2012Social Business

Leveraging Social Computing is becoming an imperative for all forward thinking enterprises.  CEOs and business leaders are challenging their organizations to exploit social enablement not just to monitor views, but also communicate activities, products and plans, thus driving deeper customer/stakeholder/business partner engagement. In all cases, this enablement is driven to realize measurable business benefits – by streamlining both internal operations and external interactions with customers – of enhancing revenue and margin growth and reducing costs.

Implementation and integration of socially-enabled applications into the fabric of an enterprise’s business processes and supporting applications portfolio is increasingly the rule rather than an exception.

Beginning with changes that need to be made to business processes, the organization has to modify existing enterprise IT systems – such as, Knowledge Management, Case Management, Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Content Management – as well as decide how these plans fit with the enterprise’s strategy for related activities such as mobile computing. Organizations must ensure these modernization initiatives are synchronized with existing business/system modernization projects, to weave social technologies into the fabric of an enterprise’s core applications.

As with other disruptive IT technologies (Mobile, Cloud, and Smart Computing), Social Computing adds to the burdens faced by beleaguered IT departments, in particular challenging the application modernization programs already underway.

Like Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) initiatives, the most widely accepted approach to IT modernization, Social Computing offers consistent capture, repurpose and reuse of knowledge and delivers measurable business value through increased employee/stakeholder/partner productivity and improved operating efficiency.  By capturing and sharing lessons learned, the enterprise can improve the quality of business offerings and solutions, generate new ideas and innovations, and increase client satisfaction and business agility.

The newly announced Unisys Application Modernization Platform as a Service (AMPSSM) solution delivers these key modernization initiatives. Unisys AMPS solution ensures the enterprise incorporates modernization imperatives, like Social Computing, into the fabric of the applications portfolio.  AMPS achieves this by: maximizing the economies of scale by re-using assets rather than creating new ones; eliminating overlap or redundant IT assets and their corresponding business processes and functionality; and establishing information sharing across the enterprise. AMPS ensures that these modernization programs commence in weeks and not months/years, with predictable and consistent operational costs.

With AMPS, the enterprise can live up to the speed of change demanded by the market to deliver new and improved services to its customers and ensure incremental business growth.

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