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Are Government Agencies Ready to Share Information with Each Other?
On Point

Tim Green, from our justice, law enforcement and border security practice in Asia Pacific, looks at the underlying need for a cultural change within government to support data sharing between agencies as a part of “Joined Up Government” with the aim of offering new and more efficient services to citizens.

Posted by: on September 20th, 2016


Part 1: Biometrics and Wearable Technology – The Inevitable Marriage?
On Point

Biometrics are fascinating on their own, but consider the combined impact of biometrics and what some believe will be one of the most disruptive technologies of the next decade – wearable technology. This is Part One in a four part series.

Posted by: on August 24th, 2016


7 Pillars of Digital Government Success
On Point

Learn the seven “pillars” that create the foundation for a successful digital government project.

Posted by: on July 22nd, 2016

Office table

Creating a Viable Path to Becoming a Digital Government
On Point

An analog-digital hybrid approach can benefit government workforces that require mobility to do their jobs.

Posted by: on May 12th, 2016


Time for Multi-Modal Biometrics at Border Security Checkpoints
On Point

Border security today is facing a perfect storm of challenges that requires every tool available. But when it comes to leveraging biometrics, border security agencies often cling to outdated technologies and inaccurate assumptions.

Posted by: on April 15th, 2016


Federal Cybersecurity Off to a Flying Start in 2016
On Point

Challenges related to cybersecurity remain enormous, and we are playing catch up from many years of reliance on outdated technologies. However the recognition and direction we are seeing from those at the highest levels of government is a welcome and positive move.

Posted by: on April 14th, 2016


New Technology Guidelines in Child Welfare: What’s an Agency to Do?
On Point

What the new CCWIS regulations are trying to ensure is that technology does not inhibit the business in the open exchange of information across departments and agencies to promote better outcomes for children.

Posted by: on April 7th, 2016

Biometric fingerprint scanner

The European Refugee Crisis: A Way Forward
On Point

Governments, are now confronted with thousands of refugees crossing borders looking for safety and asylum. Learn how technology and biometrics solutions can be strategically used to help address this growing issue.

Posted by: on February 29th, 2016

Abstract future digital science technology concept

How Can DevOps Really Help in the Federal Government?
On Point

There’s been a lot of buzz recently around the benefits of bringing DevOps to the federal government. It’s not a new concept, but only a few agencies have capitalized on DevOps to date.

Posted by: on February 10th, 2016


Hybrid Models are Key to Driving Innovation within Public Sector Organizations
On Point

Government organizations cannot ignore the new “digital” operational construct, and must define what this shift means for their operating model, programs, employees—and ultimately their citizenry.

Posted by: on January 19th, 2016

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