Mark Loucks

Mark Loucks is a senior data scientist with Unisys and serves as Principal Practice Director for our Cyber Security Intelligence group. He also has responsibility as a member of Unisys Advanced Data Analytics leadership team to promote the advancement of data intelligence and automation to solve some of our client’s most difficult problems.

An entrepreneurial and visionary executive with 25 years of experience in digital technology, advertising, marketing, strategy, product development and growth. His leadership, expansive technical knowledge, and market development capabilities have helped organizations experience significant ­growth. Working across multiple verticals internationally including Retail, Financial Services, Automotive, Technology, Travel, and Telecommunications.

He has led in the global development of data driven cultures and the creation of actionable data to bring value to his clients. Leading projects for predictive modeling and machine learning advancements throughout his career including customer personalization models for Target Stores, BestBuy, CapitalOne, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, Marriott, AT&T and others. Media mix optimization models for AT&T. Personalization and recommendation modeling for Nike, Home Depot, Staples, Toys r Us and numerous major apparel brands. Mobile optimization and in-store experience testing and modeling for Macy’s, Staples, Kohl’s,Toys r Us, Walmart Brazil, and O Boticario.

Mark has extensive experience in the development of enterprise data management and data systems including Oracle, Teradata, SAP, Hadoop, and others. Has experience with multiple modeling tools including SAS, Clementine, and R. He has worked with some of the largest brands and data warehouses in the world to help clients make data actionable and more valuable.

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