The Present and Future of Digital Service Management

 Author(s): , Posted on September 22nd, 2015

Over the years, enterprise IT organizations have acquired a plethora of service management solutions.

What they need however, is end-to-end visibility and a single source of truth in order to serve the business better. The employee of today interacts with enterprise IT in new and different ways. Service management portals, knowledge management, personalized service catalogs, analytics and business-relevant reports/dashboards, anytime anywhere access to corporate resources-these are some of the ways in which they leverage enterprise IT to improve daily productivity.

It comes as no surprise that consumerization of IT and hybrid service management are hot topics these days.  Watch and listen as Simon Rogers, Head of Sales UK, Unisys Service Management and Andrew Harsch, Global Director, Edge Service Management discuss the latest trends in the service management space in this video recorded at SITS 2015, London.

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