The Importance of Education to Successful ITSM

December 22nd, 2014ITSM

Despite investing heavily in the latest ITSM solutions, organizations find that they aren’t getting the expected ROI. The reason for this could be because the people, users, managers and administrators within the organization aren’t educated on how to use ITSM tools optimally. To deliver business value, end-users need to understand ITSM concepts, learn the features, tools, terminology.  They need to know the importance of their roles to be able to effectively use and implement the system.

Join our Expert Prithvi Gummi, ITSM Architect at Unisys for this webcast, The Importance of Education to Successful ITSM, where he talks about the importance of training to ensure a successful ITSM implementation within an organization and making the most of Unisys’ innovative, real world focused and customized end user trainings.

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