Service Desk Tunnel Vision: Escaping the Numbers and Enabling the People

 Author(s): , Posted on November 10th, 2015

Ever felt like your service desk is drowning in metrics, but missing the point? Can you say that the culture of your desk supports and understands the customer?

‘Focusing on people’ is a popular theme when it comes to the service desk. In practice, however, the process and the technology take precedence over the people element. This is often reflected in the metrics that we track and use to evaluate service desk performance. This short-sighted approach of focusing too much on metrics and SLAs while ignoring the people element is what is called tunnel vision. So, how does this come into play and what should we do to address the challenges posed by this way of working?

Toby Moore, Industry Journalist, Commenter and Speaker, and Richard Josey, ITSM Solution Architect, Service Management discuss the effects of tunnel vision on the behavior of individuals and groups in this webinar titled Service Desk Tunnel Vision: Escaping the Numbers and Enabling the People.

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