Productivity as a Service: Leveraging Digital Workspaces to Unleash the “NextGen” Workforce

 Author(s): , Posted on October 19th, 2016

Delivering a Digital Workspace is a critical requirement for the organizations today to stay relevant while at the same time competing effectively.

Employees have become dependent on digital solutions for nearly every aspect of their personal lives and have an expectation of the same in their professional ones.

For IT organizations, there are two primary challenges to deploying digital workspaces. First, is to support the technical migration from legacy systems, and second is to actually deploy an integrated Digital Workspace that is an expansion of the overall workplace environment and culture.

Join Steve Kousen, VP of Digital Workspace Solutions in this webinar, where he will discuss how to utilize the five key technologies of mobility, cloud, collaboration, enterprise social, and business intelligence to provide a platform that delivers a set of disruptive solutions to the status quo that can create important competitive advantage.

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