Operating with Intelligence: The Power of Service Management Operational Data

 Author(s): , Posted on October 1st, 2015

The digital enterprise creates volumes of valuable, yet unharnessed data. On the other side, IT service support and operations management teams constantly struggle to deal with routine, repetitive IT issues, along with the burgeoning demands of a digital enterprise. What if operational data created by your IT systems is churned to yield insights which drive meaningful decisions and improve the quality of IT operations and support? What if we move away from ‘reacting to IT issues’ and embrace predictive analytics based, proactive IT support-basically attacking IT issues before they hamper your business users?

These are some of the many possibilities explored by Andrew Harsch, Global Director, Edge Service Management, Kelly Deaver, Product Director and Adrienne Colbert, End User Services Advisory Consultant and EUEM SME in this BrightTalk webinar. Join us as we discuss how to better utilize the operational data that exists at the Service Desk to mature Incident and Problem management, to elevate our service levels by the use of end user experience monitoring and analytics, and to advance by taking advantage of new big data possibilities.

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