How eSIAM is Accelerating Digital Transformation

 Author(s): , Posted on November 30th, 2016

The new worlds of digital and cloud are driving massive changes in how IT operates, creates new services and manages everything from service levels to costs. Gone are the days of multiyear projects with a multiyear wait on returns. Organizations need the ability to scale, to be agile and to unleash new innovation and create services literally on demand.

Creating a new digital service delivery framework that encompasses all these key elements and integrates both internal teams and external service providers into a single service management office structure is what Extended Service Integration and Management, or eSIAM for short, is all about.

Join us on this Views from the Edge podcast as Paul Gleeson, Vice President and Global Head of Service Management and SIAM at Unisys, discusses these issues and the changing nature of the new digital service architecture and sourcing strategies.

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