From CSI to #CSI2017

October 17th, 2014ITSM

In the socially engaged workspaces of today, the concept of Continuous Service Improvement (CSI) is giving way to Continuous Social Interaction and Integration, also called #CSI2017. Social media has opened up new channels of communication, giving the IT department better insights into user needs and concerns. #CSI2017 focuses on how IT can leverage these insights to offer improved services. It helps organizations make social media integral aspect of IT service management. This means changes to people, processes, and technology. At its core however, #CSI2017 is a cultural paradigm that can be embedded into the organization only through a journey of cultural evolution. Each organization is unique and needs to adopt a different approach to get there.  Well-defined personas help accelerate speed-to-value and truly engage every category of user in this journey.

In the From CSI to #CSI2017 webcast, Richard Josey, Service Architect from the EDGE Service Management Team in Unisys shares his expertise and experiences while helping organizations embrace #CSI2017.

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