Configuration Management. Who Cares?

November 24th, 2015ITSM

A configuration management database (CMDB) is a repository intended to hold a collection of IT assets that are commonly referred to as configuration items (CI), as well as descriptive relationships between such assets. The CMDB helps an organization understand the relationships between the various components of an IT system and track their configurations. It is hence the fundamental component of the ITIL framework’s Configuration Management process.

What is the state of CMDB in your organization? More importantly, have you ever wondered how people view your CMDB? CMDBs have many users from different groups all with their own needs and perspectives. The better these needs are served the higher the value of your Configuration Management process and CMDB is to your organization.

Check out this BrightTalk webinar by Richard Josey, Solution Architect, Unisys Service Management in which he explores the different stakeholders in Configuration Management and how this affects your process and CMDB design.

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