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 Author(s): , Posted on November 19th, 2010

Consumerization of IT headlines this week centered on iPad and smartphone users, and how these technologies will take off in the years to come. Read on for details about the consumer devices that are making news.

ReadWriteWeb reports that Wall Street might soon be paved in iPads: Enterprise iPad Usage Most Common in Financial Services

TechCrunch has the latest on Google apps for businesses: Google Turns Dozens Of Its Consumer Products Into Enterprise Apps

Business Insider surveys iPad users to find out how they’re using the hottest tablet on the market: iPAD SURVEY RESULTS: Everything You Need To Know About How People Use The iPad

TechCrunch shares Morgan Stanley’s illustrations of the expected growth of smartphone shipments: Mary Meeker: Smartphones Will Surpass PC Shipments In Two Years

ReadWriteWeb examines the major aspects of CoIT: Whither the Consumerization of the Enterprise?

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