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Steve Kousen is vice president and global lead for Digital Workspace Services, where he drives the Unisys strategic initiative for "Empowering the Digital Worker". Steve holds an M.B.A. degree in management information systems and decision sciences from Loyola University Maryland and a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from the Pennsylvania State University.

The Power of Integration: Google Apps for Government
Cloud Computing

When revamping a legacy email system, linking separate cloud apps together provides the most benefit for users. Simple adapters can be used to combine useful user information on a single screen, illustrating the power of integration for Google apps.

Posted by: on November 26th, 2012

How Do You Make Social Networks Secure?
Disruptive IT Trends

Moving to a new service management platform can seem like an insurmountable task. Or once you have made the decision and the purchase, now what? Turning to a service provider partner may be your key to success.

Posted by: on July 9th, 2010

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