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We’ve Come A Long Way…
On Point

Historically, domestic violence was treated as a private matter best dealt with by family and clergy, outside the responsibility of the criminal justice system. Fortunately, the situation has improved dramatically over the last decade. Women and men have demanded enactment and increased enforcement of domestic violence laws.

Posted by: on October 27th, 2014

Field Supervision of Parolees and Probationers Using Smart Technologies
On Point

A fundamental challenge for the justice system lies in harnessing data available through smart technology. Data must be accessed and mobile devices used in new ways, so that both better decisions are made and supervision times are more productive.

Posted by: on September 26th, 2014

Cameras Are the New Key to Tracking Down Criminals
On Point

Today’s ‘always on always connected enterprise’ is teeming with different users not just in terms of demographics but more specifically in terms of roles and IT needs. How do you offer the most relevant applications and cater to the unique role requirements of your users?

Posted by: on August 14th, 2013

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