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Another Company Reconsiders Do-It-Yourself IT
Cloud Computing

... and some of its staff as well.

Posted by: on October 10th, 2011

Is It Like, or Like Like?
Cloud Computing

Friday morning Facebook humor. Click the image to enlarge, and copy the permalink to share with friends.

Posted by: on September 9th, 2011

Should Work be This Fun?
Disruptive IT Trends

Literally ...

Posted by: on July 12th, 2011

Proof that Consumerization Isn’t Just a Technology Problem
Disruptive IT Trends

It's a people problem too.

Posted by: on May 31st, 2011

Bring Your Own IT Department
Disruptive IT Trends

Looks like those computer science classes are paying off.

Posted by: on January 7th, 2011

Disruptive IT Trends

What if you saw this guy in line at the Apple store?

Posted by: on December 3rd, 2010

Disruptive IT Trends

Glad his mom approves.

Posted by: on November 5th, 2010

Disruptive IT Trends

Giving new meaning to "data recovery."

Posted by: on October 1st, 2010

Disruptive IT Trends

The term “security” is too broad to describe what it really means. It’s really the way that you think about a certain problem or idea. It’s a thought process which starts at the beginning and never ends.

Posted by: on September 8th, 2010

Consumerization Humorization
Disruptive IT Trends

Some policies just make good sense.

Posted by: on June 17th, 2010

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