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Shadow IT Goes Mainstream
Financial Industry Insights

For years, CIOs have been warning over the inherent risks associated with shadow IT; however, by bringing shadow IT into the open, there can also be a value-add for businesses.

Posted by: on May 6th, 2015

Why the Agility of Cloud, not the Cost Savings, Can be a Difference Maker for Your Business
Cloud Computing

Review three key things to keep in mind when looking to implement a hybrid cloud strategy that could ultimately make a huge difference in how beneficial cloud is to you.

Posted by: on March 5th, 2015

More than Security: Four Other Factors to a Successful Cloud Strategy
Financial Industry Insights

When developing a cloud strategy, banks should consider these 4 key factors in addition to security.

Posted by: on February 23rd, 2015

3 Steps to Building Your Enterprise Cloud Practice
Cloud Computing

Get the essential steps needed to embrace a cloud strategy and move along your journey towards enabling IT as a Service.

Posted by: on September 9th, 2014

Accelerating Cloud Adoption
Financial Industry Insights

Financial services institutions are increasingly worried about the seamless transition to a cloud enabled environment without compromising security and compliance. Unisys' cloud expert Colin Lacey explains how you can rest your worries.

Posted by: on January 22nd, 2014

Cloud Computing Trends in 2013: Provisioning and Managing Seamlessly Across the Hybrid Environment

Improvement to customer service becomes incremental at best. So where does customer service go from here? The next wave of major improvement lies in integrating social functionality through the entire customer support model.

Posted by: on January 17th, 2013

2012 IT Prediction: Cloud Maturity Extends Business Adoption of Private Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS)
Cloud Computing

The Unisys 2012 Predictions for Cloud Computing explore the growing business adoption of Private Cloud and SaaS solutions while recognizing that certain security, integration and management challenges remain.

Posted by: on January 17th, 2012

Meet the Accelerating Consumerization of IT Head On for Competitive Advantage

As the Consumerization of IT gains a foothold, Enterprise IT must address the accompanying support issues. Unisys can help clients address these issues head-on.

Posted by: on November 14th, 2011

Evaluating the Optimal IT Service Delivery Options
Cloud Computing

A structured assessment of your applications, data center services, and management is critical as IT service delivery offerings proliferate with new cloud options.A structured assessment of your applications, data center services, and management is critical as IT service delivery offerings proliferate with new cloud options.

Posted by: on August 8th, 2011

Beyond Hybrid Cloud: Why You Should Care About The Hybrid Enterprise
Cloud Computing

It was just a few years ago that the discussion of cloud centered on just what exactly cloud was and how it might be used.

Posted by: on August 2nd, 2011

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